Photo Challenge: Pure

This is a response to The Daily Post at and their photo challenge of the week. The challenge is to interpret the word “pure” which for me, describes something soft, nude, clean and lightweight. Have a look at my interpretation of the word and enjoy!

The theme of this week’s photo challenge by The Daily Post, is pure. There are a whole lot of definitions describing the word pure depending on context and one that got my attention is as follows:

pure .adj - free from foreign or inappropriate elements and free from discordant qualities

When I hear the word pure I think of something soft in nude colours and I get the feeling of something being untouched - Just like a fresh start with unexplored opportunities. Pure for me is also something clean and lightweight.

This fits perfectly into my current approach to declutter my life by adopting a more minimalistic lifestyle. This includes throwing away stuff I no longer use and avoid buying stuff I don’t need. It is also a mindset to keep things simple and eliminate everything that is weighing me down, like negative thoughts and poor relationships with other people. By reducing the “bad stuff” I believe that I will be able to focus on the important things in life that will bring me real value - and that feels kind of pure to me.

The images below are my attempt to visualize what pure looks like based on my description above. Feel free to leave a comment on what pure means to you. I would love to hear it!

Photo Challenge: Pure - Pink Rose close-up

Canon EOS 6D + Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro @ 50mm • 1/125 • f/11 • ISO 800

Photo Challenge: Pure - Pink Roses

Canon EOS 6D + Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro @ 50mm • 1/320 • f/7,1 • ISO 800

Photo Challenge: Pure - Pink Rose closeup

Canon EOS 6D + Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro @ 50mm • 1/30 • f/20 • ISO 800

Photo Challenge: Pure - Pink Roses

Canon EOS 6D + Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro @ 50mm • 1/180 • f/3,2 • ISO 500



  • livinglifeswalk

    The roses are lovely. I love decluttering. hope you share one day the benefits of dealing away with clutter.

    16 June, 2016 ID: 160616110304
    • Eja - in reply to livinglifeswalk

      Thanks! I might do so :)

      16 June, 2016 ID: 160616151702
  • zerocreativity0

    Nice to have an amazing visual treat!

    16 June, 2016 ID: 160616112841
  • Mabel Kwong

    Stunning macro shots. So crisp, so fresh and so clean. Beautifully done for all of them. I like your minimal approach to your lifestyle. I am trying to be more like that, watching what I buy and thinking twice before paying for it and taking it home. If I can’t use it or it can’t be a practical buy, then I will usually put it back on the shelf :)

    16 June, 2016 ID: 160616121545
    • Eja - in reply to Mabel Kwong

      Thank you so much! I am quite satisfied with the results myself.

      About the minimalistic approach; I think it’s healthy to reduce the amount of stuff we own. Not only for our wallets but also for our minds. All our stuff might seem harmless at first, but I believe it causes stress unconsciously. I also believe that we will learn to appreciate the stuff we own if we have less of it. But then again, everyone is different. Some people might LOVE having lots of stuff around and that’s fine too :)

      16 June, 2016 ID: 160616151458
  • kerlund74

    I love these photos, so soft and well composed. Lovely colors too:)

    16 June, 2016 ID: 160616195331
  • Lauri Hawley

    Amazing pictures!

    17 June, 2016 ID: 160617021040
  • Yousuf Bawany

    These are absolutely stunning.

    17 June, 2016 ID: 160617122108

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