Hi, I am an introverted, tea-drinking individual from the Swedish countryside, who is always eager to learn new things and have far too many hobbies!

I am also a perfectionist trying to cope in a world full of imperfections.. (it’s difficult).

This site is my playground. This is where I build things, share my creations and sometimes my thoughts. My three main hobbies are photography, art and web development - One of which I am lucky to have as my day job.


I began taking photos in 2006/2007 with an old compact camera in silver finish. The camera battery was so tired that it only lasted for 2 images before it had to be recharged again. The sharpness of the lens had died long ago which made every detail soft and smooth like a dreamy dream. Good times..

I got hooked on photography quite fast and decided to save up for a better camera. In 2007/2008 I bought my first DSLR and that beauty stuck with me for about 7-8 years before I decided to upgrade to the one I have today.

Niche and style

I avoid putting myself in specific niche or category. Trying to fit within a box stresses me out and I need space to let the creativity flow. I shoot whatever I feel like in the moment and my photographic style will change as I change.

Even though I don’t categorise myself, I have always been fascinated about macro and close-up. I tend to lean towards a shallow depth of field and cold tones.


  • Camera: Canon EOS 6D

  • Lens: Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM (a.k.a pancake)
  • Lens: Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II
  • Lens: Sigma 50mm f/2,8 EX DG Macro (My go-to. My love)

  • Tripod: GorillaPod (love this little fellow)
  • Tripod: Dörr Pro Black 1

  • Remote: Canon RC–6

  • Filter: ND
  • Filter: Polarisation


I have been drawing off and on over the years but never thought of myself as an “artist”. I have just felt like a wannabe with no skills. One day I asked myself “How hard can it be? If they can do it why can’t I?”. I tried my best, failed, tried again and have been trying ever since. I still feel like a wannabe with no skills..

I enjoy both digital and traditional art. In the early years I did only traditional art but I began with digital art since it provided a middle ground between the creative side and the perfectionist. With digital art I can achieve perfect symmetry. I can save different versions of the same piece of artwork to allow the creative side to explore different solutions without messing anything up. The best thing though is CTRL + Z – the perfectionists best friend.

Art medium

My main choice of medium are markers. I also enjoy ink and soft pastels. I do occasionally use other kinds of medium to broaden my skills and seek new inspiration. For my digital creations I prefer vector.

Style and colours

My colour palette is usually quite pink (favourite colour), except of course if I do ink-work then it’s all black (my second favourite colour). In general, pink, blue/turquoise and black are the colours I always return to.

I like drawing either cute or abstract things. I lean more toward surrealism than realism (mostly because I can’t draw) and I like the semi flat look.

Web development

My web development journey began long before I knew it. I was just a little child when I was playing around with Power Point on my computer (Windows 98). I had discovered that you could navigate to a specific slide by “click-events”. I connected a bunch of PPT slides together via a self-made menu on each slide. It looked and behaved just like the basic websites we know today. I was so proud of it.

I remember seeing a button in the lower right corner that said “publish online” and I though, “Wow, can I make this available for the whole world to see?”. I pushed the button but nothing happened. If only I have had internet then. Since I could not publish it I decided to store it elsewhere. What did I use as a storage unit? - Floppy disk.

Fast forward to 2019..

I like clean and simple websites. I prefer the mobile-first approach and get inspired by UI for apps. I like small-scale projects with as little excess code as possible. I get happy when I find a block of code that can be optimised and minimised, or even better; Removed all together.


  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • HTML
  • CSS (with Sass)
  • JavaScript
    • jQuery
  • Sublime Text
  • Sequel Pro
  • Git
  • Gulp
  • Mac