My goal with this challenge was to create something everyday without trying to make it perfect (because I am a perfectionist and it usually ruins all the fun 🙄).

I used recycled cardboard from miscellaneous packages as my canvas (hence the awkward non-standard format) and that really helped the process since the piece was already imperfect from the start.

The challenge was fun. I was sitting in my cosy arm chair with a cup of tea every morning and doodling for an hour before work. I was so happy when I finished the challenge. 31 new doodles, that’s amazing 🙌🏻.

Here are all my doodles with the corresponding prompt underneath each image.

What is inktober? 🤔

inktober is a yearly drawing challenge in which you aim to do one drawing per day throughout October. Each day has a prompt on what to draw, e.g. POISONOUS, TRANQUIL and ROASTED just to name the first three prompts from 2018.

Se my prompts for inktober2018, inktober2019 and inktober52 2020.