Sinking ship

Graphic illustration of a tower
inktober52 challenge, 11/52 - Tower

People with the power to rule our world might feel safe in their high towers where the chaos from below won’t reach them. A place where everything can be solved with money and a mindset that they are better than everyone else. It’s easy to neglect the negative consequences all over the world due to climate change, just because it doesn’t affect them directly. But now, when economy is falling and corona virus is taking over the world, those people have to trust that there is a higher power with just an ounce of patient left to spare them. Corona won’t take into account that you are rich. If you are not strong enough to fight the virus, tough luck. You cannot buy yourself out of this one.

If we respect mother nature, she will respect us. But if some of us refuses, ALL of us will be punished.