The journey begins

My web development journey began long before I knew it.

I was just a little child when I was playing around with Power Point on my computer running Windows 98. I spent my time on designing and connecting a bunch of slides together and navigated through these via a self-made menu. It was the most beautiful thing ever and I was so proud.

I remember seeing a button in the lower right corner that said; “publish online” and I thought, “Wow, can I make this available for the whole world to see?”. I pushed the button full of anticipation but nothing happened.

In my early teens I came in contact with CSS och HTML and played around with that more than I was hanging out with my friends. By the time I began high school I knew more on the topic than my web design teacher and I was asked to help teaching CSS and HTML to my classmates. Needless to say, I finished that course with highest grade (not to brag or anything..).

A few years later in 2012 I began my university studies in web design. The first programming language I came in contact with was C# and it made me dislike programming. Deeply. When I was introduced to PHP short after, I fell in love. Databases also caught my attention at this time, mostly because everyone around me seemed to hate it. I never quite understood why.

In 2016 I applied for an internship as a web developer and got accepted. In the first month I learned javascript (jQuery and jQuery mobile) with almost no prior knowledge. By the end of my internship I got hired by the same company.


Clean and simple websites make my heart smile.

I love the mobile-first approach and get inspired by UI for apps. I like small-scale projects with a few reusable modules.

I am not a fan of building super fancy, high feature, latest trend websites with lots of bling bling just to show off my skills. I prefer clean, functional websites with a clear purpose.