I am not a photographer. Just playing around with light & composition

How it all started

I began taking photos in 2006 with an old compact camera in silver finish. The camera battery was so worn out that it only lasted for two shots before it had to be recharged again. The sharpness of the lens was pretty much non-existent which made every detail soft and smooth like a dreamy dream. Great times! (or not so great)

I got hooked on photography quite fast and decided to save up for a better camera. In 2007 I bought my first DSLR and that beauty stuck with me for 7 years before I decided to upgrade to the one I have today.

Niche and style

When people asks me what I like to shoot, I tend to say something like “Oh.. I don’t know.. a little bit of everything I guess” but when I look at my Instagram feed there are mostly plants and flowers with shallow depth of field and cold tones. And Instagram never lies.

Macro and close-up fascinates me. When I got my first macro lens I began crawling around on the ground to study everything in close detail. Little did I know that by focusing on the small things the world suddenly became so much bigger.

Pink flowers Yellow cat hiding in high grass Purple flower petal
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