The first brushstroke

As a child I drew pictures as children usually do. It was far from pretty but what did I care? - Well, as I grew so did my perfectionism until I couldn’t pick up a pen anymore.

I have been drawing off and on over the years but have always being held back by that inner voice telling me I am not good enough.

To cope with this I try to simplify my ideas into basic shapes which are easier to draw. I also try to enjoy the process from idea to finished piece, because I am too focused on being done and having something flawless to admire, (which of course never happens).

Media and style

I enjoy both digital and traditional art. In the early years I did only traditional art but later on I began experimenting with digital art since it provided lots of tools to satisfy the inner perfectionist (e.g Copy/Paste, CTRL+Z and “align center”).

When I do traditional art I like using markers, regular ink and soft pastels. For my digital art I work mostly in vector.

My colour palette often include pink, blue and turquoise. I like cute and shiny things. And hearts. I get inspired by the semi-flat look and use it as a starting point before building up with layers to create some depth. Because depth is everything.

Find my art

I post my art in my gallery, on Instagram and sometimes on YouTube when making speed paints.

Bubbles under water with a pink heart
Shiny slice of an orange
An orange, round creature hovering above the ground with a heart over its head