The power of RAW

I went through my computer last week and found lots of images from my early days as a photographer. It was a pitiful sight. My god, am I embarrassed! At least I had the decency to (sometimes) photograph in RAW which allowed me to save a few shots. Some of them turned out rather good to be honest. I am actually a little impressed!

Though I would show you the power of raw and how to turn a poor photography into something relatively stunning. Take a look at the video below!

As you perhaps noticed in the video, there is a little noise at the right side in the darker parts. Most of that you can get rid of by cropping the image or by simply don't increase the exposure too much (as I did). It's also possible to add a little vignette on the edges to magically make things go away. I used a combination of cropping and vignetting in my final result. There's still a little noise on the left side, but I can live whit that. If not shown in high resolutions, it's hardly noticeable.

Down below I show more examples of what you can do with a RAW-file. Notice that these pictures are only edited with Camera RAW (i.e, no additional editing in photoshop).



  • Yasmine

    Gud va fina dem vart! Måste prova fota i raw haha :)

    Apr 5, 2015

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